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Beta Lab

Deep tech VC & Co-creation studio focused on the intersection between deep tech and the traditional sectors where there is a high potential to disturb the status que.

About us:


To be a driving force for the deep tech revolution in the Middle East


To empower visionary entrepreneurs and creative minds to bring their innovative ideas to life through our venture studio model


We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to change the world, and we are dedicated to providing the resources, support, and expertise needed to turn the bold ideas into successful businesses.

Systemic hands on approach to create value for our investors

We support passionate entrepreneurs and founders

We support passionate entrepreneurs and founders

Beta Lab provides passionate entrepreneurs and founders who want to scale up their businesses by accessing the Saudi market with full local support and expertise. Our support includes tapping into local resource, necessary funding, access to talent and key players in the market.

why choose us?

At Beta Lab, we are well-positioned to take advantage of the rising investment in the deep tech sector, reflecting Saudi Arabia as a leading player in the global tech scene. Our portfolio includes companies at early stages from pre seed until series A , and we are committed to helping each one to reach their full potential. Our team of experienced business leaders and technologists is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to tech startups through deep dive analysis, partnerships, validating, funding, and working closely with founding teams to build strong foundations for growth.

Ride with us

Beta Lab provides the ecosystem needed to create and scale your startup. And tap into talents from around the world who are passionate to help create high impact driven startups.

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