At #FII7, Beta Lab announced its list of market-disrupting, international startups in a variety of exciting sectors! The start-up program has been developed in partnership with FII Institute to co-create, support and nurture impact-driven startups in deep tech from around the world. Learn more about the companies below:

1. Flashpoint Therapeutics: American company designing potent cancer immunotherapies that transform therapeutic components from ineffective to curative ones by optimizing nanoscale architecture.

2. Space Cargo Unlimited: Space tech company based in Europe that specializes in space research and manufacturing.

3. Azul 3D, Inc: U.S.-based 3D printing technology specialized in producing small-sized products.

4. Nutropy: French company providing a sustainable and animal-free alternative to traditional dairy products.

5. FinanceOps: American company leveraging AI models and big data to revolutionize the collections process for businesses and AI-backed decision making for debt collection.

Published On: October 29th, 2023 / Categories: News /